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COLOSSUS is an EU funded H2020 research project that is focused on a specific type of colorectal cancer (MSS RAS mt mCRC). The project aims to improve how patients with this disease are classified, so that different subtypes can be identified and treatment can be delivered in a more targeted way. Our ultimate goal is to improve treatment outcomes for patients and deliver personalised solutions.

Some key questions are answered below.

What is MSS RAS mt mCRC?

  • mCRC: mCRC stands for colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon and/or rectum) that is metastatic (has spread to other parts of the body).

  • RAS mt mCRC: RAS mt m CRC refers to a type of mCRC that involves RAS mutations. These are genetic changes that can result in overproduction of RAS proteins, affecting cell growth and division, ultimately causing cancer.

  • MSS RAS mt mCRC: Where a patient with RAS mt mCRC does not have a pre-disposition to genetic mutations (microsatellite stable or MSS) they are classified as MSS RAS mt m CRC.

Where can I find more information about the Project?

  • For a general overview of the Project click here.

  • For a more detailed description of the Project click here.

  • You can also download COLOSSUS flyers and leaflets here.

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Where can I find general information about Colorectal Cancer?

  • You can find out more about Colorectal Cancer and the background to our work in our Education Section here.

  • See also the websites listed below.

Where can I find patient organisations and relevant websites?

Links to the websites of patient organisations and advocacy groups are set out below, together with links to some other useful websites with information on colorectal cancer.

Please note that the organisations listed and links to websites provided above are for information only. COLOSSUS partners take no responsibility for the content contained on linked websites.