A warm welcome to the month 12 COLOSSUS annual plenary meeting was delivered by Coordinator Prof Annette Byrne (RCSI). Thirty-five partner representatives were in attendance at the meeting held on December 18, 2018, hosted by the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology. An overview of the revised timelines, deliverables and impact as a result of GDPR was provided by Prof Annette Byrne and Dr Alice O’Farrell (RCSI).

The COLOSSUS team reported on the progress made in 2018 and future plans, as follows:

Project Management

  • Deliverables, milestones, budgets, reporting, risk review, QA process, SAB, gender equality: Nora Ward (PT)

Biorepository and IHC Analysis of MSS RAS mt CRC tumours:

  • Selection of tumour samples, sample coding & clinical data, distribution of samples: Dr Paolo Nuciforo (VHIO)
  • Immunoscore Profiling of subtyped tumours: Dr Jacques Fieschi/Dr Florence Monville (HDX)
  • DNA/RNA extractions and IHC analyses of subtyped tumours: Prof Darran O’Connor (RCSI)

Colossus Trial:

  • Design, implementation, initiation and management of trial and standardized SOPs: Dr Verena Murphy (CT) 
  • Clinical data analysis: Dr Rodrigo Dientsmann (VHIO)

Multi-omic profiling of MSS RAS mt CRC COLOSSUS cohorts:

  • Genomic Profiling: Prof Diether Lambrechts (VIB) 
  • Metabolomic Profiling: Dr Bart Ghesquiere (UCD)
  • Proteomic Profiling: Dr David Gomez & Prof Jochen Prehn (RCSI)

Identification and phenotypic analysis of new MSS CRC RAS mt patient stratification subtypes:

  • COLOSSUS data storage and sharing platform:
    • Data storage & Sharing Platform: Dr Anguraj Sadanandam (ICR) 
    • Data Management Plan & Fair Data: Dr Alice O’Farrell (RCSI)

Identification and phenotypic analysis of new MSS CRC RAS mt patient stratification subtypes continued:

  • CMS & ANGIOPREDICT subtyping
    • CMS Subtyping: Dr Anguraj Sadanandam (ICR)
    • ANGIOPREDICT subtyping: Prof Diether Lambrechts (VIB) 
  • Identification of new subtypes by integrating multi-omics and unsupervised clustering: Dr Anguraj Sadanandam (ICR)
  • Identification of new prognostic/ predictive subtypes by integration of transcriptomics and metabolomics: Prof Diether Lambrechts (VIB)
  • Immune, fibroblastic and angiogenic microenvironment: Prof Wolf Fridman (INSERM)

Network & Pathway Modelling of multi ‘omic MSS RAS mt CRC datasets: Identification of new therapeutic targets across COLOSSUS subtypes

  • Upstream analysis (GEX modelling) to identify master regulators: Dr Alexander Kel (GEX)
  • Patient-specific pathway and network modelling for patient stratification and drug-response predictions: Prof Jochen Prehn (RCSI), Dr Dirk Fey (UCD).
  • High-level modelling of individual MSS RAS mt patients: Dr Yuri Kogan (OPTI)

Clinical diagnostic assay prototypes for clinical stratification of MSS RAS mt patients based on newly derived COLOSSUS subtypes:

  • Tissue-based RNA Seq assay prototype: Dr Jacques Fieschi/Dr Florence Monville (HDX)
  • Liquid Biopsy diagnostic test prototype: Dr Joern Lewin (EPI)
  • Economic analyses of treatment based on new diagnostic tests vs SOC: Prof Annette Byrne for Dr Kathleen Bennett (RCSI)

Pre-clinical validation of novel therapeutic strategies across new COLOSSUS MSS RAS mt mCRC subtypes:

  • In vitro and ex vivo assessment of novel treatment strategies & Task 8.3 PDX population trial: Prof Livio Trusolino (UNITO)
  • PDX population trial: Prof Joaquín Arribas (VHIO)
  • Assessment of novel drug combination toxicities in vivo & Task 8.4 PDX translational imaging studies: Dr Kate Connor (RCSI)

Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation and Training:

  • Branding, project website, media, promotional materials, presentations and publications, IP, Training: Danielle Nicholson (PT)


  • Overview of Tasks and Deliverables including engagement with Ethics Advisor: Dr Alice O’Farrell (RCSI)

Next Meeting: November 2019 hosted by HDX, Marseille.

Sincere thanks to our hosts and organizers at VHIO including Rodrigo Dientsmann, Raquel Comas, Guillermo Villacampa, Paolo Nuciforo, Sara Simonetti, Joaquín Arribas, Cristina Bernadó, Elena Chavarria and Eric Delgado Muñoz.