COLOSSUS researcher Florent Petitprez, of INSERM, presented COLOSSUS studies at The European Society of Medical Oncology’s MAP 2018 – Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy meeting. During the Innovative clinical trials session, Florent’s talk was entitled: ‘Immune classification of soft tissue sarcoma and its association with molecular characteristics, and clinical outcome’ and was facilitated on 15 September 2018.

MAP 2018 was a 2-day joint initiative of Cancer Research UK, UNICANCER and ESMO and aimed to provide oncologists with expert guidance on interpreting genomic alterations to design tailored treatment programmes for their patients.

Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) form a group of rare cancers which accounts for around 1% of tumors. In the era of immunotherapy, little is known on the clinical impact of the immune tumor microenvironment that may guide future immunotherapy trials.