Pictured (from L to R) Iosune Baraibar, medical oncologist; Mireia Sanchis, Project Manager;  Ariadna Garcia, Research Nurse; Javier Ros, Medical Oncologist; Javier Gonzalo, Project Manager*

On November 5, 2019, Dr Rodrigo Dienstmann and the colorectal cancer clinical research team under the leadership of Dr Elena Elez at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology have registered the first person in Spain for the COLOSSUS prospective translational trial.

The COLOSSUS trial will devise and validate a tool which will be used to divide patients with stage IV microsatellite stable (MSS) RAS mutant colorectal cancer into sub-groups based on the molecular subtype of their tumour. Participants are asked to contribute blood and tissue samples; these biospecimens contain DNA. To read about the other aims of the study and for more details on this colorectal cancer trial, please click here.

Congratulations to the entire colorectal cancer clinical research team (half of whom are pictured above) for this important COLOSSUS milestone!

*The rest of the team: Rodrigo Dienstmann, Principal Investigator; Elena Elez, Medical Oncologist; Raquel Comas, Data Manager; Guillem Argiles, Medical Oncologist; Cristina Bernado, Sample Manager; and Sara Simonetti, Sample Manager.