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Partner News

Dr Anguraj Sadanandam, ICR trains tomorrow’s leaders in cancer research and data science

2020-10-07T11:06:22+00:00October 5th, 2020|

Are you/do you know a student who wants to work on real-time projects in bioinformatics?  Curious to simplify the complex or predict the unpredictables of biology? Please consider this valuable training! Pay It Forward Machine Learning Training Association is the brainchild of COLOSSUS PI Dr Anguraj Sadanandam from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), in [...]

PI Anguraj Sadanandam of The ICR publishes 3 important COLOSSUS-related studies

2020-10-05T10:42:31+00:00October 5th, 2020|

Our PI Dr Anguraj  Sadanandam of The Institute for Cancer Research in London shares three unique studies he and his team published in the last few days which are related to COLOSSUS research. The first and third papers below are followup studies on their interest in colorectal cancer and span work for almost 10 years! [...]

HalioDx Immunoscore® identifies candidates for Phase II Colorectal Cancer Trial

2020-09-17T09:47:14+00:00September 16th, 2020|

We report more exciting news about the Immunoscore® diagnostic tool developed by our partners at HalioDx! The immuno-oncology diagnostic company, HalioDx announced last week that it has entered into a Collaboration Agreement with the FFCD, the French Cooperative Group dedicated exclusively to digestive oncology, on the Phase II multi-center POCHI trial (FFCD1703 - NCT04262687) in which [...]

HalioDx Immunoscore® embedded in 2020 ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

2020-09-02T10:44:29+00:00September 1st, 2020|

Our partners at HalioDx SAS, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company headquartered in Marseille, France, recently announced that their diagnostic test Immunoscore® has been included in the 2020 European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up for Localised Colon Cancer. Immunoscore® was considered for its ability to refine the prognosis for [...]

Partner News: Ireland establishes first National Preclinical Imaging Centre

2020-06-17T11:40:25+00:00June 17th, 2020|

Prof Annette Byrne, RCSI, COLOSSUS Coordinator, NPIC Director In Ireland, a new National Preclinical Imaging Centre (NPIC) which will provide enhanced research data to inform new clinical trials that aim to improve patient outcomes, has been awarded funding of €3.4 million under Science Foundation Ireland's (SFI) Research Infrastructure Programme. COLOSSUS Coordinator, Prof Annette [...]

HalioDx Immunoscore® is independently reviewed in Molecular Diagnosis and Therapy

2020-04-17T09:07:23+00:00April 16th, 2020|

An independent review entitled “Immunoscore®: A Diagnostic Assay for Clinical Management of Colon Cancer” is published on March 30th, 2020 in Molecular Diagnosis and Therapy (Blair, H.A. Mol Diagn Ther (2020)[1] a specialized journal of Springer Nature group that provides researchers and healthcare professionals with insights into the latest molecular diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and their use [...]

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